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ENGAGED | Santa Cruz Mountains

Chris and Lisa met through the exclusive sister company of Match.com.  He works for PBS making documentary series and she is a middle school teacher.  The two are so so so much fun!  I knew they were for me when they disclosed they love to take awkward prom style photos wherever they travel to and were hoping they could do a few for the engagement session.  They are a fun loving couple and madly in love.  They were so much fun to work with… did I already say that?!  We went up to the property where they hammed it up for the camera with awkward young love poses and cheesy high school prom photo poses, in addition to some sweet. honest. in-love ones.  I told Lisa, I’ve never laughed out loud by myself while editing photos, but when I got to the series of them on the tire swing I had such a big laugh and perma smile going.  Not only did she get her foot stuck, but then Chris was being wild in the background like a four year old, while Lisa tried to look grumpy about it all for a staged photo, but in all reality, he was too funny for either of us to keep a straight face about it all.  Ahhhhh…. so fun.  Anyway, Here they are rocking cowboy boots and all.

These two have a long history of awkward love poses, with an emphasis on cheesy prom poses.  Here is one from the day.  So cheesy.  So fun.

Mad air.  Well done Chris!

The Chris show…. can you tell he works in the entertainment industry?