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Met the cutest little dude the other day down Carmel by the Sea.  He came down from Sacramento for his parents anniversary trip to Carmel where they tied the knot a few years ago.  He seems serious in this first one but he was totally putting a front on!  He’s got the biggest smile and best belly laugh with that little tired sigh at the end of it cuz it takes that much work to laugh that hard.  Oh how I miss those joyful baby moments with little ones under foot!

ENGAGED | BIG SURThe Glass House to Bixby Bridge and Pfeiffer Beach

01_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session

Love spending the afternoon with these sweethearts! They knew each other growing up in Guam but didn’t hook up until they were out here for college at the same time.  They even know another one of my couples who also is from Guam.  I guess it’s a small island according to James.  I loved hearing about their upbringings, culture and family life back home.  While they plan to marry back home, they wanted to capture their engagement session in California down in the gorgeous Big Sur.  We met up at the iconic Bixby Bridge and arrived to full fog but once we drove up the hill to Stephanie’s boss house it began to burn off.  He loaned us his beautiful modern pad also know as the Glass House in Big Sur.  He knew they were going to make a beautiful weekend of it so he arranges a weekend stay at the Post Ranch Inn and dinner at Ventana for after their session with me.  I think I need to get a boss.  That’s amazing! In God’s perfect timing, when we went back down to the Bixby Bridge and the fog began to pull back to reveal Big Sur’s classic rugged coastline.  We wrapped at Pfeiffer Beach for some golden light but not after a 30 minute wait to get in… such a gamble but so worth the risk.  It was a fun chance to chat life and learn more about their wedding plans back home in Guam while we awaited our token parking spot.  Cheers to many fun adventures ahead of you James and Stephanie!

02_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 03_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 04_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 05_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 07_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 08_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 09_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 10_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 11_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 12_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 13_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 14_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 15_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 16_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 17_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 18_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 20_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session 19_Big Sur Engagement Elopement Session

MATERNITY | Melissa Marie

Have you ever met someone, totally hit it off and then they move away.  Yeah, that’s this one!  I’m still holding out hope that she’ll move back but for now we have an excuse to skip town to see each other.  Can’t wait to meet your new little one and visit with hopefully a little snow on the ground in your town.  It was a true Indian summer the day we shot with temps in the 90’s in October.  It was perfect weather since she rocked a tasseled black bikini as one look on our sun kissed afternoon up the slow coast.

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ENGAGED | Lighthouse Field to Natural Bridges

Kicking our session off with some caffeine, we met up at Verve Coffee Roasters in downtown in Santa Cruz on Pacific Ave.  We headed to lighthouse field before wrapping up at Natural Bridges in a foggy evening.  These two are getting married at my favorite, Leal Vineyards next month so I figured it’s a good excuse to blog their Spring engagement session we had months ago.  Hence the green grass and flowers at Lighthouse Field.  Now they’re golden and dry.  Oh the seasons!  Here comes fall.  Perfect coffee weather. 0004_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0042_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0028_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0019_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0022_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0007_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY 0010_j u l i e c a h i l l PHOTOGRAPHY
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ENGAGED | Swanton Berry Farm

Michael and Jenny are getting married on 1-1-11!!!  Whoo hooo.  I can’t wait.  Winter fun.  I’m certain it will be filled with many thought out DIY details.  I’m very much looking forward to their big day and photographing all the fun little things that her and her family are working on.  When we talked about photo locations for their engagement session, they told me they love to visit Swanton Berry Farm up the coast from me, so we headed there for their engagement session.  It’s double special because it’s where Michael proposed to her.  Perfect spot.  Games, barns, grass, open roads and fields.  It couldn’t get much sweeter.  But it did.  They bought me tacos after our session in Davenport.  Such a fun day- Thanks guys!  I had a great time wandering Swanton with you two and have got it in my back pocket for some rainy fun for my kids.  I mean, come on… board games, children’s books, and free jam samples on animal crackers.  Sorry, I just spilled the secret spot.

The Farm keeps an “old school blog” in their store where guest write an entry about their visit.  And so it goes…

In Love.

Yep- she’s BEAUTIFUL.

There is also a secret reservoir that the owner insisted we go check out.  So we did.  It’s picnic worthy.  Next time.  Quilt, wine, love.